About Us

Note: This site is for the Scouts BSA Boys troop. For prospective female scouts, then please visit the Scouts BSA Girls 220 website.

About Us

Troop 220 has been around since 1937, making us one of the oldest troops in Lee's Summit, Missouri. We have been with the Lee's Summit Christian Church since 1949. For more info on our history, please visit the 220 history page. With a handful of exceptions, there are weekly meetings on Monday evenings beginning at 7:30pm, campouts on the 3rd weekend of each month, a high adventure offered at least once yearly, and camping at H Roe Bartle Scout Reservation each summer - ensuring scouts have plenty of opportunity for participation.


Right now, there are about 60 scouts, and over 100 adults, registered in the troop. And over the past 80 years, we've had over 300 earn the Eagle Rank. Two of our scouts have also completed the rare challenge of completing every merit badge available at the time they were a youth in scouting.


We are a very traditional troop as well: with a focus on family scouting, and the methods of the BSA. There are also some unit specific traditions utilized to further enhance a scout's experience within the unit.

Few of our traditions include:

Uniform uniformity: Our scouts, together, wear the entire uniform that is set for each activity.
Travelling: We wear the full field uniform when travelling to and from activities.
Camp Boxes: All scouts have the same styled, wooden, camp box for scout camp.
Court of Honors: For families to join together for recognition of their scout's achievements, there are family oriented courts of honor 3 times a year.
Investitures: For new scouts who join scouting through 220, there is an investing ceremony they go through to be taught the basic symbols of scouting.


220 aims to be as youth led as possible, and we do this by utilizing the Patrol Method. The patrol is the most important part of a scout's journey, and we aim to put as much focus on it as possible. For more information about our patrols, please visit this page.

Every patrol elects a leader who will represent them in the Patrol Leaders Council, led by the unit-wide elected Senior Patrol Leader. This body creates and develops the program for the boys. They are advised and guided by the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters to accomplish this important task.

While the Scoutmaster and Assistants are the direct contact leaders of the troop, they cannot do everything themselves. And so our Troop Committee, which is any registered adult, gives support to the Scoutmaster Corps to ensure program is safe, have transportation, and able to be accomplished.


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