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220 participates in year round camping. Every month there is a campout to get out and do something in the outdoors.

Campouts are picked by the PLC twice a year at a planning meeting, done with ideas collected by their patrol members to suggest. The Scoutmaster and Assistants will guide them as much as possible to ensure the campouts are scouting oriented and not entirely entertainment, and not expensive or just generally unsafe. The Troop Committee then will approve a campout or suggest changes to a proposed campout. The final list that is scheduled on the calendar is the approved event.

What is done on a campout

A campout is putting to practice what is learned at troop meetings. Functioning as a Patrol, putting scouting skills to work, and the most important thing of all: to have fun.

Scouts will:
- tent with a member, or two, of their patrol.
- Cook and eat their meals as a patrol.
- socialize together in free time to build upon friendships created in scouting
- get to go outdoors and do something that not every kid gets the chance to do
- enjoy a nice campfire to end the day


The troop will provide the general equipment and scouts will, overtime, accumulate the other equipment needed to camp. Scouts do not have to worry about getting: a tent, stove, propane/propane accessories, or a patrol box.

Patrol Boxes are maintained by the patrol as a group. If something is in need of replacement, the Patrol Leader is to ensure that a replacement is purchased. The scout's family will be reimbursed for any costs of the replaced equipment.

The scout should have:
+ Sleeping Pad
+ Sleeping bag (recommended to have 3 types for various temperatures. 0 Degree, 30 Degree, and 60 Degree).
+ Boots and Rain Gear
+ A bag to carry clothes and other necessities
+ Flashlight

The troop will assist any scout who needs help obtaining any gear. Financial issues should be the least of any scout's worry in scouting and will remain confidential between the family, Unit Key 3, and the Treasurer.


Campouts are on the 3rd weekend of every month, minus a few exceptions due to scheduling issues. Some are simply an overnight, and some are 2 night campouts depending on the month of the year.

One night campouts: October to March
Two night campouts: April to September

Some instances where we might travel more than 2 hours distance, we might leave on a Friday evening instead of Saturday morning to ensure there is more time for the program on Saturday than there would have leaving Saturday morning.


Leaving on a Friday evening, we meet at the church either at 5:30pm or 6:00pm. It really depends on where we're going to determine when to meet at.
Saturday morning is usually at 7:00am.

The troop will circle up and prepare to leave the minute everyone there has personal gear loaded, a ride set, and the troop gear is loaded and ready to go.

Sunday returns are typically between 9am and 11am.

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