Adult Portal

Welcome to the Adult Resources portal.

This page serves as a landing point for Adult Volunteers to find, and access, various resources that will be beneficial to have.

Parents and Prospective Leaders

Parents and Prospective leaders are just as valuable as already registered troop leaders. For dedicated resources and information, then visit our Parent's Resources Page. Go to Parent Resources

Troop Leaders

We also have a resources page for registered and active troop leaders. Go to Leader's Resources

Other Resources

Google Services
Find out more about different G-Suite services we can use.
Click here
Troop By-Laws and Policies - Last Updated: 8 November 2018 The bylaws and policies establish the troop organization, as well as establish written policies to follow. For the most up-to-date copy, you can download it below.
By-Laws and Policies
Adult Positions There are a variety of positions that are filled or available within the Committee. Knowing who does what helps knowing who to talk to about certain things if needed.
Adult Leader Roster