The Troop Calendar is an amazing resource to alert members of upcoming events. Due to BSA Policy, and federal COPPA, many details will be excluded from calendar events for protection of youth. If troop members, alumni, or family members, wish to find out more details, then the troop newsletter or announcement period at troop meetings will be the place to obtain those details from.

Information excluded includes the following (but not limited to): Last names, specific addresses, and specific contact information).

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Major Event Dates

A quick rundown of what to expect throughout the year:

Troop Meetings: every Monday night, unless otherwise stated, beginning promptly at 7:30pm until 8:45pm.
PLC Meetings: First and Third Monday in each month at 7:00pm. PLC members should be aware of the date changes as they are discussed in the meetings.
Boards of Review: First and Third Monday in each month. Must be scheduled with the Advancement Coordinator prior to the meeting to ensure adults will be available to conduct them.

Campouts: We aim for the 3rd weekend of each month, but due to conflicts with holidays and such, this can be adjusted. Campout weekends are picked and announced a good 4-6 months in advance. Typically we have one-night campouts when DST is not active, and two-nighters when DST is active.

Committee Meetings: Scheduled meetings are the second Thursday of every month at 7pm to 8pm.

Any and all changes to events will be communicated in a timely manner through editing an event to reflect it, and communicating it to unit members.

Adding to Mobile

If you know how to add an iCal formatted calendar to your own Google Calendar, smart phone or Microsoft Outlook calender, here's the link you'll need for the Troop calendar: Troop 220 Calendar iCal Link