Email Groups

Our troop's communication is mainly done via email distribution. If you want to join the group, there are 2 options.

1) Request to join at a Troop Meeting or Committee Meeting.
2) Submit a request through the below form:
Join Google Group

You MUST be a current member of Troop 220, or an approved troop friend, to gain access to the communications group. Alumni may stay in after they are no longer part of the troop should they wish to stay up-to-date on current events.

Leave the group
If you wish to leave the mailing list, then you can do so through a few methods:
1) Load the group's page, and be signed in to your account. Find the troop's group in your group listing and select the 'leave group' button.
2) Submit a request to the form above and we'll remove you manually.
3) Open an email broadcast, and in the group signature is an unsubscribe link. Use it to leave the group.

Other Groups
We also have other groups for communication within the troop for various needs. High Adventure and Patrol Leaders Council are 2 examples.

Access to these groups will be given in person, when the need arises, for that individual to be part of the communication process for them.