Summer Camp

Page under construction to prep for Camp 2022. Check back in September 2021.

Troop 220 has a long and proud Summer Camp tradition at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation near Osceola, MO. The troop returns year after year for an experience that is proven to have a positive and long-lasting impact on the lives of Scouts and Scouters alike.

For most scouts in the troop, Summer Camp at the Bartle Scout Reservation is the highlight of their year – the opportunities to learn new skills, explore the camp, and strengthen the bonds of Scouting are but a few of the reasons our boys keep coming back.

We are blessed to have a large group of adult leaders who take time out of their busy schedules each year and lend their assistance to ensure a quality and rewarding camping experience for the boys in the troop.

If you’re a parent who would like to be involved in our Summer Camp experience, we invite you to join the troop as Scouter. We’d love to have you with us at camp, full-time or part-time, and we promise you’ll have an experience that’s worth every minute of your time!


Session: 1
Camp: LoneStar
Campsite: Seneca
Campsite Scoutmaster: Andy Dugan
Assistant Scoutmaster: Nia Miller

Helpful Documents

**2021 Specific Documents**
2021 Camp Handout (updated 22 May 2021)
MODIFIED: Directions to Bartle - Route C closed for construction.

2021 Health and safety Plan

2021 Leaders Guide (PDF)
2021 Program Guide (PDF) -- (Highly recommended reading for parents and scouts!)
2021 Mic-O-Say Tribal Schedule (Dates and events for all sessions)

Here are links to the map of the camp, along with driving instructions.
Directions to Bartle Scout Reservation (NOTE: construction occurring en route, see map in 2021 resources!!)
Map of Bartle Scout Reservation
Map of Camp Lone Star

Typical Daily Schedule

This below schedule is the typical day-to-day schedule that the camps follow.

7:00am - Reveille
7:10am - Breakfast KP Call
7:15am - To the Colors – Flag is Raised
7:30am - Breakfast
8:30am - Merit Badges
9:30am - Merit Badges / First Year Program
10:30am - Free Time / Troop Swim / Lunch Outpost Programs
11:40am - K.P. Call
Noon - Lunch
Post-Lunch - Free Time
2:00pm - Merit Badges
3:00pm - Merit Badges
4:00pm - Free Time / Troop Swim / Dinner Outpost Programs
5:00pm - Adult Swim
5:40pm - K.P. Call
5:45pm - Retreat (Lower the Colors)
6:00pm - Evening Meal
Post-Dinner - Troop Activities or Free Time
8:00pm - Evening Programs (Troop, Camp, Mic-O-Say, etc)
9:45pm - Call to Quarters (All Scouts in Campsite getting into their tents)
10:00pm - Taps. LIGHTS OUT, ALL SCOUTS in their tents going to sleep

Merit Badges

Merit badges are a big part of scout camp. For more information on Merit Badges, please look at the Merit Badges page of this site.

Camp Fees

The fee for Scouts and Scouters is $395. Part-Time Scouters are $55 per day if paid by 31 March; $55 per day after 31 March.

Payment Schedule
Deposit: $75 is to be paid in October.
First Payment: $160 Due in Late-January/February (Part-Time adults pay half of their expected stay at $55/day).
Final Payment: $160 Due in Late-March/April (Part-Time adults pay the balance of their expected stay at $55/day).

NOTE for Part-Time Scouters: After April 5th, Part-Time Scouters pay $65/day and must make payment directly to the Heart of America Council or upon arrival at Bartle Scout Reservation. The troop does not accept payment for Part-Time Scouters after 18 April.

Camp Physicals

Camp physicals must be completed by camp night! Please schedule an appointment with your family doctor now!

Every Scout and Scouter attending summer camp is required to have a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record, signed by a physician Click here for the fillable PDF form – this form needs to be filled out and turned in each year.

You should fill out Part A and Part B, sign Part B and include a copy of your current medical insurance card (both sides). Your doctor will fill out Part C and sign it. If you plan on going on a High Adventure, then you will need Part D filled out as well, but this is not needed for camp.

Note: Low cost physicals may also be available at area CVS and Walgreen’s locations.

Contact Information

Scouts absolutely love to receive letters and care packages from home! If you want to make your scout feel really special, send some mail a day or so before camp so it will be waiting for them when they arrives. Don’t mail anything on or after the 7th day, as it likely won’t arrive before we leave camp.

Scout Name, Troop 220
Camp [campname], Campsite [campsite name]
Bartle Scout Reservation
5525 NE Scout Camp Road
Osceola, MO 64776-9000

Camp Phone: (417) 646-8115 – To be used for emergencies only; this is the phone at the camp headquarters.

We will provide alternate contact numbers for the Campsite Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, and main troop leadership via the Troop 220 email list.

Visitor's Day

Visitor’s Day occurs on the Sunday during the session. Parents, relatives and friends are invited to see the H. Roe Bartle Summer Camp in action!

Visitor’s Day is an ideal time for parents to see their scout, their unit and campsite, and the program facilities at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation.

What you'll need to bring: Chairs, table, utensils, plates and drinking cups for your family. The troop is not able to provide table service for visitors! A meat dish and 2 sides, in a quantity to feed your family plus 3 other people. The leftovers will be our evening meal, so please package the items in a disposable, resealable container. Comfortable shoes (no open toes!) as you will be doing a lot of walking on rocky ground. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the sights of Camp Bartle!

Directions and Parking: Refer to the maps (in the links portion of this page) if you’re unfamiliar with how to get to Bartle Scout Reservation. Also refer to the map of Camp Lone Star and note the location of Campsite Seneca. Once you arrive on the reservation, follow the signs to Camp Lone Star. Visitors generally can find parking along the circle drive that surrounds the Lone Star parade grounds. Watch for the big red Troop 220 signs – scouts will be available to help carry your stuff to the campsite. Please plan on arriving at camp at 10:00am – that is when the staff will start allowing visitors to enter the campsites. And please plan on leaving no later than 4:00pm; we have a busy schedule that evening. This is an important day for your scout, so please make every effort to attend!

Camp Boxes

All Scouts and Scouters attending camp will need a camp box. Your camp box is your “suitcase” for 10 days at camp – everything you need at camp should fit in the box and you’re expected to use it like a dresser at home to keep your tent organized and clean at camp. Plus, all boxes can be locked and you’ll definitely want to keep yours secured when you’re not around.

The troop purchases camp boxes from a local craftsman at a very reasonable price; they come to us as unfinished plywood boxes but we dedicate a Saturday or two and paint them in a standard Troop 220 paint scheme. Watching an entire troop marching into camp at Bartle carrying identically-painted camp boxes is a sight to behold!

Camp boxes cost $35 for Scouts and $55 for Scouters. Scouter boxes are a bit bigger and come with a removable tray for keeping track of small items.

Dates for camp box painting will be published on the Troop Calendar.

Personal Gear

If you want it to come home from camp, put your son’s name and “Troop 220″ on it!

If it doesn’t have a proper label on it, it may not make the round trip. Label everything with a permanent marker: under the collar, around the waistband, inside the shoe/sock, etc. Also label things like flashlights, Merit Badge books, pocketknives, and other equipment.

For a list of things to pack, take a look at the packing list post on the site.

What NOT to bring to camp

ALL electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) Cell phones especially need to stay home – Cellular service is poor, batteries won’t last long and there’s nowhere to charge your phone, and the device can get damaged or stolen easily. There's so much to get out of scout camp, that it's not wise to spend that free time on an electronic device which they can play with when they get home.

Do not bring any of the following items to camp – they are not permitted, and will be confiscated if found and may result in the boy being asked to leave the scout reservation:
Aerosol cans (insect repellant, sunscreen, etc). The aerosol propellant destroys the waterproofing on tents and is a fire hazard.
Fireworks, lighters, incense, candles, matches, et al. These items obviously have no place in camp and will earn you a quick ticket home!